TONE MINT is Auckland based composer and sound designer Thomas Press.

I help people tell great stories, using sound and music to emotionally engage an audience.
By composing custom soundscapes and installations I can help create truly unforgettable experiences.

Click HERE to see a video of "Light Bells", an interactive sound and light installation commissioned by Auckland Live and was first presented in Aotea Square April 2017

Click HERE to see a video of "Echo Swing", an installation that playfully moves sound through space. Originally presented as part of Art in the Dark 2014 - New Zealand's Premier Light Festival.


Sound is memorable
-Your first kiss, your first break up, summer road trips across the country. Events in our lives have their associated soundtrack. - What is the sound of your event?
-Sound is how we experience the flow of time - make your time count!

Sound is emotional
-A national anthem can move people proudly to their feet, while a beautiful lullaby can move people to tears. - Sound and music reflects and stimulates the full emotional spectrum.

Sound is physical
-A fright, or exciting piece of music can set the heart racing. A driving piece of music, travelling across several speakers can encourage people to move people through a space.

Sound is environmentally friendly
A rich aural landscape can be created literally out of [pushing around] thin air.
-Sound and music creates maximum impact with zero waste, no streamers or confetti to dispose of. -Even very complicated sound systems consume very little power - a typical setup will consume less power than a single theatrical lighting unit.